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Musicajuridica is a private legal practice. We provide legal advice and information about these legal topics:

  • Company Law
  • Contract Law
  • Trademark Law
  • Civil Litigation
  • Employment Law
  • Social Security Law
  • Compensation Law
  • Terms Of Service
  • Music Law and Entertainment Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Private International Law

Music Legal Advice

Furthermore, Musicajuridica offers specialized music legal advice, pro-active lawyering and legal solutions for the music industry. These legal services are tailored to the special and specialist legal requirements of musicians, composers, artists, labels, publishers, gamestudios, record companies, festivals and music startups.

Music Contracts

Specialized music legal services include advice and information about:

Music Contracts (such as licensing agreements, distribution contracts, recording contracts, music publishing agreements, synchronization contracts, 360 contracts, contract negotiation), Copyrights, Licensing, Music Consulting, Publishing, Mechanical Licenses, Covers, Remixes, Sample Clearance, Arranging Music, ISRC and UPC Codes, PRO's and Royalties and Music Copyright Clearance.

Because of our shared legal and musical background, we are not only capable of offering specialized legal services relating to music and law but also provide knowledge articles as well as practical informational and educational services for the music industries.

Music Startups

MusicaJuridica also offers legal assistance for music startups. In case you need legal advice and information about your music platform, streaming, downloads, music contracts, embedding music videos and more, we've got you covered! 

If you need customized terms of service for your registered users, including DMCA Notice, a disclaimer and privacy statement, you came to the right address. We can also help you with protecting your ideas, trademarks and business name. Besides that we can assist in obtaining the necessary licenses from collective rights societies such as Ascap, BMI, Gema, PRS for Music, Buma/Stemra, Sabam and Sacem to enable you to offer your music services to your customers in a legal and futureproof manner. 

Together with you, we can think about what business model is right for you. We can help you securing copyright clearance and getting music permission. With our knowledge and experience of the ever evolving music industry, we can help you start your company. We can discuss legal differences in the various jurisdictions where you are, or plan to be active. We can even talk about important jurisprudence, case law and precedents if you wish. The future of music startups goes far beyond downloads, streaming and the cloud. We anticipate that future by offering specialized legal support and we are very passionate about what we do ! 

We also provide an online mastering service, with mixing tips as well as advice and information about digital & physical cd distribution worldwide. Contact us without any obligation.

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